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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join Paid To Click . com?
Membership at Paid To Click . com is free.

Am I allowed to have more than one account?
We allow one account per household. If we detect that you are using more than one account, all accounts involved will be removed without future restoration, and your information may become available to other web site administration departments for security purposes.

What are expired links?
Paid links have black dots and are displayed at the top of the link list. When an advertiser's paid click quota has been reached, the link expires and is marked with a white dot. Expired links are kept on the site since we offer advertising for six months.

How can I refer people to Paid To Click . com?
Once you join Paid To Click . com, you will be given a link refer other people to Paid To Click . com. You will receive 10% of your referral's earnings.

How do I get paid?
We do monthly automatic payments via PayPal for those who have $1 in earnings. You must have accurate information in your account profile to receive payments

How can I change my personal information?
Log in to your account and click the "Edit Your Information" link or click here. You will be able to edit any of your information except your member ID.

I can't login, what do I do?
Click here to request your password to be sent to you. Copy and paste it into your browser.

I live outside the US, can I join?
Yes, we welcome international members. However all support email will be provided in English. We do not support any other language.

How can I cancel my account?
Click here, enter your username and password, then click delete. Once you have done this, your account cannot be restored. All earnings and referrals will be lost.

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